Bodywork - NYC

My name is Ted.

I make my living doing bodywork.  Trained and certified in California, I use mainly European techniques that I interpret holistically.  I also include Asian point methods when I need them.

What’s bodywork? Well, among other things it involves touch--to relax your body and get rid of stress. Imagine long, broad, slow and rhythmic strokes that sooth and calm you, along with very focused ones that reach into every fiber as I work over your entire body. The pressure of the strokes will be whatever you’re comfortable with. It can be "soothing," or it can be "strong." I have a certificate in deep tissue, so I know how to make it as intense as you want.

But most people like a firm, middle pressure, which gradually so relaxes you that you start "traveling;" you let go and drift away.

I live and work in New York City--in a comfortable apartment in Greenwich Village, the picturesque heart of Manhattan. It’s superbly located, easy to find, close to everything.  I do only in-calls, only in my own bodywork studio, because my table and all the professional setup I need are there. That’s where I do my best.

When you come to me it's your party. I'm dedicated to creating a very special experience for you in a clean, safe, healthy, and peaceful environment.  My hands work wonders with your body. More than 85% of my sessions are repeat. My fee is $100 for an hour session and $120 for an hour and a half.

Clients call from all over the world to book time for their visits to New York. They tell me, again and again, that I have a wonderful gift of touch.  When I lay my hands on your body, you’ll forget your jetlag--and everything else.

Give me a call if you plan to come to New York, and find out for yourself.  Please phone me for an appointment:


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