135 West 10th Street (btw 6 and 7 Aves)
Ted's Bodywork - NYC

My name is Ted.

Trained and certified in California, and with twenty years’ full-time experience, I offer professional bodywork, both healing and relaxing.

Please see my reviews below.

If you’re looking just to relax and relieve stress—and this is the bulk of my practice—I have always found that a slowed-down, familiar European-style session works best. When someone comes to me with muscle pain, I employ deeper, assuaging methods within that person’s comfort range, sometimes involving eastern techniques.

To relieve stress, I use slow, rhythmic strokes that soothe and calm, combined with focused ones that melt away the tension points. It can be gentle, or it can be strong, even intense, depending on a person’s preference. However, I find that most people like a firm, middle pressure, which so steadily relaxes them they let go and drift away.

I live and work in Greenwich Village, the picturesque heart of Manhattan. It’s superbly located, easy to find, easy to get to, close to everything. I do only incalls, only in my own bodywork studio, because my table and all the professional setup I need are there. That’s where I do my best, in a clean, safe, healthy, and peaceful environment.

Clients tell me again and again that I have the gift of touch. More than 85% of my sessions are repeat.

My fee is $100 for an hour session and $120 for an hour and a half.

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My bodywork has been reviewed multiple times in lifestyle articles in New York City resources and events magazines.

"Ted, one of the city's best bodyworkers." "Helping Hands," NEXT Magazine, 23 January 2009, p. 24.

"In his capable hands, you will enter a state of such tranquility it may shock you. I felt so relaxed after a recent session, I could barely get back to work, and I didn't really care. Find out for yourself; you won't be sorry." Sean Kennedy, "Bodyworking Your Tension Away," HX Magazine, 16 December 2005, p. 67.

"Ted has built quite a name for himself and an impressive roster of clients. Ted's West Village studio is a little temple to tranquility, with soft, soothing music playing, clean towels and an immaculate massage table. Ted aims to make his clients comfortable. Go for the full hour-and-a-half session, the perfect amount of time to experience the full effect." Brian Andrews, "Body by Ted," HX Magazine, 21 March 2008, p.58.

"Known throughout the city as just Ted, he has built up a hefty clientele in New York—as well as around the world—in his years of practice. Over 85 percent of his business comes from repeat clients, many of whom have been seeing him since he began. He spent the early '90s training in California before setting up shop full-time in his Greenwich Village studio, a rather beautiful one. Ted's techniques rely on his uncanny ability to relax the body and rid it of stress. . . . all the more reason to make an appointment!" Ryan Doyle, "Diff'rent Folks For Diff'rent Strokes," HX Magazine, 12 January 2007, p.54.

"This master bodyworker can tailor his trademark technique to suit any body's needs, whether it be for a light touch or deeper work. Walk out of his studio and feel like you've just been on vacation from all your stress." Ted's Bodywork, NEXT Magazine, 5 June 2009, p. 17.